Repairs & Alterations.

Although all our specified workwear is hardwearing, the reality is that some workplace environments are harder on workwear than others. To ensure that your team is always looking their best (despite the odd workwear mishap) our seamless garment repair service is a welcome addition to our workwear rental and laundering services.

Sincerity Apparelmaster use Customer Service Repair Tags to identify items that require attention. In extreme cases, where repairs could undermine the protective qualities of garments, the garments are fully replaced.

Sincerity Apparelmaster also offer across the counter garment repairs and alterations, returning many garments to their former glory. Our dedicated and experienced team guarantee the quality of their work without reservation.

Alteration services include:

  • Zip replacement
  • Short and lengthen
  • Relining drapes & curtains

Bring any repairs and alterations in to us and we’ll provide a FREE, no obligation quote.

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