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Sincerity Apparelmaster maintain that a company’s hygiene systems, says a lot about the respect it has for its staff; not to mention its clients and customers.

Most workplaces provide some sort of washroom facilities. This is not just limited to toilets and bathrooms, but includes anywhere people wash, such as locker rooms, kitchens and wash stations. How well these wash up areas are set up and serviced varies considerably from workplace to workplace. What many employers don’t appreciate and are often complacent about, is the direct correlation between workplace hygiene and staff absenteeism. Providing hygienic washroom supplies and solutions for all workplace washing areas is just one of Sincerity Apparelmaster's ancillary services. Through our preferred washroom supply partners we can tailor a complete hygiene compliant solution for servicing your washroom needs including:

  • Roller towels/cabinet towels including quality hygienic reusable cotton towelling
  • Paper towels/hand towels including: electric paper towel cabinets, recycled paper and paper towel dispensers
  • Toilet paper/toilet tissue including: Jumbo rolls, individually packaged rolls, bulk packs and toilet tissue dispensers
  • Soaps & hand sanitisers including: Soft soaps and antiseptic, flowing liquid soap, instant hand sanitiser, industrial grit soap and soap dispensers
  • Air fresheners including: Air freshener dispensers and refills
  • Sanitary hygiene disposal units Including: ‘No touch’ sanitary disposal units
  • Urinal sanitiser.

Maintaining washroom supplies is another area Sincerity Apparelmaster can help your business with minimal hassle and cost.

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