Workplace Rental - Food Industry Specific


Few industries face such demanding standards and regulations like food processing and food retail. This is simply due to the fact that the cleanliness of your workwear and the workplace environment can have a direct effect on your customer - and in severe cases, have a detrimental effect on your business.
Sincerity Apparelmaster rent purpose-designed food industry garments that adhere to the latest MAF approved cleaning processes and meet stringent food industry compliance standards. The fact that Sincerity Apparelmaster hold AsureQuality* certification is testament to our ongoing commitment to food processing and food service customers.
Our experience and expertise in this category mean we can effectively guide and fit your whole team, from our extensive range of specialist food industry garments which include: standard white and hi-vis jerkins, trousers, dust coats and overalls. Garments can also be personally tailored to include hoods and varying sleeve and leg lengths. We're also happy to professionally clean any of your own existing food industry garments too.
Renting or supplying quality food industry workwear is just the starting point. Keeping it clean and up to industry standards is an on-going requirement. Sincerity Apparelmaster provide a rental and industry approved cleaning solution tailored to your food service needs.

 *Receiving and maintaining AsureQuality accreditation is regarded as the top laundry standard for food industry service providers. This dedicated and stringent food service hygiene accreditation rewards those companies that ensure all laundered items used in ready-to-eat food manufacturing operations, do not introduce any risk to the maintenance of food safety standards.

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