Workplace Rental - First Aid Kits

Sadly, when it comes to accidents in the workplace, it’s not just a matter of ‘if’ they will happen…but ‘when’. So when accidents occur, you and your team need the confidence to be able to quickly put your hands on a comprehensive and well stocked first aid resource.

By using hospital grade medical supplies and covering on-site premises and workstations, Sincerity Apparelmaster’s OSH standard first aid kits consistently meet current workplace health and safety standards. We also supply and service first aid kits for vehicles.

Sincerity Apparelmaster extends its non-disruptive and regular on-site services, to the supply and management of workplace first aid kits, using procedures that accurately and transparently document your usage and any required product replacement.

Knowing you have ready access to a professionally managed and well stocked industrial first aid kit, provides companies with the peace of mind to deal with most medical emergencies.

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